Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We found Osama!

I really, really, REALLY want the rest of my voice to come back by tomorrow. We're doing such good music in choir that I woud be genuinely dissappointed if I couldn't sing it.

I only have one real day of ALIS left of my entire life, yet I have this terribly dark, ominous feeling that it will prove to be a very, very long day. I entirely forgot the fact that I have a choir concert the night before massive paper due.

So I found this thoroughly entertaining song. "I hate you all" by get set go. It's really a rather terrible song, all of the lyrics are detailing how I hate everyone, and all the different reasons, but the tune is so wonderfully upbeat and funny, I just can't stop playing it. You will find yourself singing and dancing around the room, then stop and wonder why you're so happy that everyone's gonna die.

Having a few days off of tech is rather nice. I love tech, but I've found that whatever relationships I have outside of theatre are suffering because I'm ALWAYS at theatre. Rather a dilemma. So having a few days with no lighting it kind of nice. Plus, as much as I love talking to gobos and fresnels, they aren't very sociable, so having a few days to talk to people is rather healthy.

I love silly putty.

Recent reports show that Vice President Cheney did not, I repeat, did not shoot Henry Whittington. He found Osama. Dressed as a texan lawyer, in the middle of a field, making quail noises.


Blogger Ashley M said...

Having a bit of a random day? I know just how you are feeling. It's been like that alsomt all week for me, almost like I haven't really been entirely here, and a tiny part of me is somewhere nice and tropical...

7:36 PM  

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