Thursday, February 09, 2006


And Jason, you can't possibly accuse me of steal your ideas, because I wrote this way back last year. You lose.

I don't think anyone ever really stops to think that this could be it. What if we don't pass go, what if we don't collect $200, what if we just die?

It's that cold, intolerable absolution that people spend their entire lives attempting to ignore. No one ever considers that this could be the last stop. After all those efforts trying to secure a reservation in that ellusive nirvana, you just die. Absolution, once that bus hits, the morgue is the only place you've got left to go.

No feeling, no rewards, no nothing, you just spent your life gaining wealth, fretting it away, and pursuing what you call happiness, but in reality is only a replacement for that substance you feel you lack. The love you felt for your wife and family, nothing more than simple chemicals and a gullible mind. You work hard, set goals, and for what? A nicer grave plot than that schmuck down the street? But after all, you're dead, you wouldn't know the better if your dead and lifeless body were chopped up into a thousand pieces and fed to dogs. That money you worked hard for, useless. The now useless body carelessly dumped into the ground.

What if your life meant nothing, nada, zero to you or anyone else? It didn't. Doesn't matter if you fed hungry children in the outskirts of Ethiopia or polished the Pope's shoes, you're still dead, lying in the cold, worm-ridden ground as any low-life sinner with a drug problem. No where to go, nothing to do, but you don't know that because you're dead.

What if the only reason you ever existed was to make more mindless, pointless lives? Maybe it is. You served the same purpose on earth as any fruit fly. Sex, sex, sex, that's your life. All it meant, means or ever will mean was the continuation of your pointless species. You never had a higher purpose, you never had any worthy cause, you just lived to screw and die and that's it.

No Heaven, no Hell, nothing, just simple, absolute death. What if everything you ever believed or fought for was wrong, there is no great beyond, there is no God and there is no hope for any poor soul lost in the constant spin of creation and destruction.

What if I was right all along?

What if that bus hits tomorrow?


Blogger jasonm said...

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10:19 PM  
Blogger MollyG said...

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10:40 AM  
Blogger jasonm said...

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Blogger DougW5 said...

Step back and consider: let's be friends. You two especially. It seems to me we've got a conflict of credit, not of interest. By accusing each other of copyright infringement, and refuting those claims, you both conceed parallel thought process. You agree. So agree. Fighting can be fun, but this has become childish. Molly, keep on writing, I'll read it. Jason, keep on writing, I'll read it. And I'll review both with equal respect. You two should too.

3:54 PM  
Blogger MollyG said...

Wow, censorship gives one a fun sense of power and authority. Anyways, to summarize Jason, "blah blahbitty blah blah blah."

8:33 PM  

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