Monday, January 30, 2006

Oh, the irony.

What I found hilariously ironic is that my last blog has gotten as many collective comments as anything I've written in the last month. People saying that it's well-written, deep, thought-provoking. Frankly, when I reread it, I immediately got the urge to go back and edit the whole thing, dreck. It's almost pathetic that people seemed so taken with that piece. I spew these random bits of my philosophy constantly, in everyday conversation. I did not write anything new, revolutionary or groundbreaking. Every person who read that has seen the exact same ideas as in that blog a million times before on bumper stickers, t-shirts and posters. The only thing about my unrefined dreck that caught people's attention was passion. Nothing more. That post was badly written, hardly eloquent and disorganized, that was just what happened when my fingers started moving. The only reason anyone responded was because I was writing powerfully about what I was saying. I find it sad that more people can't find what they are passionate about in every day life. I personally am very passionate about everything I do.

Passion is the only difference between a life and an existance. Try it.

My friend wrote this and I feel it's just screaming to be seen.

"Passion is what it all comes down to. Passion is what makes English teachers out of Harvard graduates and brain surgeons out of high school thugs. Passion is the aerobics that keep the soul from getting flabby. Passion is what makes children weep at funerals and grown men sob when Sonatina No. 4 comes on NPR radio."

Friday, January 27, 2006

Who are you and why are you on my planet?

Recent class discussions have made me very, very glad that I seem to have an idea of what I want in my life. Most people willingly accept their parents' and teachers' version of happiness without so much as a second thought. Fortunately, I realized a long time ago that I do not care in the least bit of superficial things like money, makeup or gossip. I personally find those to be the scourges of society. Money, obviously, people get it into their heads that money leads to happiness and that money is all they need. To an extent, this is true, money is necessary for survival in our world. But in reality, you could survive on less than 200 dollars a week. Money also leads to status issues, which I will rant about later. Makeup, in itself is not that bad, but how people use it is pathetic. I have friends who refuse to leave their house without so much makeup on and each individual hair meticulously tucked, sprayed and fryed. And for what? Does wearing makeup make you happy, fulfilled, a better person? No. Sure, it may make you slightly more attractive, but I've never met a single person in my life who dated someone for their technique in mascara application. Wear makeup, great. But you just spent an hour of your life. And frankly, you like like an Atlantic City harlot. Gossip, back to the status issue. People fixate so much on what people think of them and who will talk to them and if the people they socialize with make them look stupid. No one cares. I know people who actually broke up with someone simply because he refused to get blindly drunk. Pathetic.

Another one of my greatest annoyances is people who can not live without sensory entertainment. If you can't go for a whole passing period without your ipod, that a bad sign. I love music as much as anyone, in fact probably more. But in this age, we are constantly entertained. It's the sesame street phenomenon, the more we are entertained, the more entertainment we need. When we are always being bombarded with sound, we forget how to actually listen. For most of us, it has been a very long time since we experienced complete silence, if ever. Try it.

If standing up for our rights is petty, let's take a look at the rest of our lives. shall we? Petty can hardly even describe the things we do. We wear miniskirts in a pathetic hope to appeal to the opposite sex's desires, then when they make advances, we sue them. We fret our lives away on petty things. Money, sex, power. That's all.

You want to be worth fulfilled in your life? Here's how you do it, accept that death is unavoidable, that money, sex and power are merely distractions and that you life has an infinite amount of worth. You want to be happy in your life? Get a puppy, and live in a preschool with lots of candy. Happy is not desireable. Happy in nothing. Happy is a meaningless, sensory feeling. Being fulfilled is a different thing entirely. Being fulfilled means being someone you approve of, someone who has found your purpose and place in life. I'm willing to bet that I've met the happiest person on earth. He is twelve years old, always smiling, gives high fives to everyone in the hallways and has an IQ of around 40. He is autistic, you know why he's happy? Because when his dad died, he didn't understand what it meant. I pity happy people.

So you want to make your life something, take a hiatus. Go figure out what or who you love. Not what you like, not what you think is cute, but what you love. Find what you're passionate about, find something that makes a 12 hour work day worth it. Find what you do that makes you feel whole. Once you find that, then you can go to college, get married and have all the money you could want and I will respect you completely. But people are under the false impression that money is what makes you whole, lie. Blatant, screaming lie. Once you find your passion, it won't matter if you life in a 10 by 10 foot appartment with no more to eat than ketchup packets, you will feel amazing.

How do you want to die? Your answer to this question tells everything about who you are.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

This generation

Hello and welcome. You belong to the generation of walking billboards. In the past, companies would pay for advertisement, but in past years, that trend had dramatically shifted. Nearly all clothing has asome sort of brand name on the it somewhere. Due to this, we are constantly surrounded by brand names, companies and logos. Think about it, would you know that Nike was signified by a checkmark simply from tv or papers advertisements? No, you know it because of shoes, t-shirts and hoodies. All of which people paid for. Advertising is a dying field. People read less and less and buy tivo, advertising as we know it is being drastically altered. Now the best way to advertise is clothing. However, the companies no longer pay to get their name out there, people pay them to wear billboards. Suddenly, people see clothing covered in brand names and logos and feel the need to fit in, so people are thereby willing to pay drastically more for a shirt with a logo than a plain one. Quite a brilliant scheme, yes? Now the company name is familiarized for people and suddenly, people would rather buy a product with certain names on it simply because they are comfortable with it. Really, if you think about it, people parading around with multiple names adorning their bodies is rather foolish looking. Yet, we've bcome accustomed to it and now pay to do free advertising. This is our generation.